How It Works

You need to hire someone immediately, where do you start? Hire a contract recruiter? Try that website you saw advertised on TV?

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Easily write a Help Wanted Ad for your open job. Our intuitive solution guides you through the process without any special training required.

How do you avoid reading lots of unqualified applications?

Talentrackr helps you add qualifying questions to automatically score candidates that apply, saving you lots of time and work.

How do candidates find my ad?

Our single click ad posting let's you decide where and for how long you want your Help Wanted Ad to run.

You don't need to spend money for a recruiter to manage the process

Talentrackr's Always On Hiring feature powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence works nonstop to find & attract candidates for your open job around the clock.

How do we handle all of the questions interested candidates will have?

Candidates visit & apply through your own custom hiring page where they can learn more about your business, the position and other key benefits you want to share with them.

What if I have too many applications to review?

Leveraging your qualifying questions, Talentrackr automatically reviews all of your candidates, scores & ranks them and even politely rejects the ones that aren't qualified.

How do I set up & manage all the candidate interviews?

Automatic integration with your calendar. Our email tool makes scheduling interviews simple and quick for you and your company.

How do I hire the candidates I want?

Built-in offer letter management and optional background check & drug testing helps you manage your full hiring process. We'll even transfer your new hire's info to your payroll.

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    Talentrackr's exclusive Candidate Appreciation function thanks all of your applicants for applying & can automatically extend a special offer from you to become a customer.