Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Get Started?

    It takes just a moment of your time to sign up and register for Talentrackr. There is no charge to use our software! Our solution lives in the Cloud so you can handle your hiring needs from home, work or anywhere in the world. Click on the Start Now button on our homepage. There is absolutely no obligation to get started. With Talentrackr, you only pay for the ads that you post. That's it.

  • Where will My Ad Be Posted?

    Talentrackr immediately posts the help wanted ad you created directly to some of the world's largest most effective job search engines and can be viewed by millions of active and passive job seekers. We also provide you with an active hyperlink so your job posting can be instantly connected with your own website and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and others.

  • How many of my employees can use My Talentrackr Account?

    We know that most small businesses do not have a full-time recruiter. For that very reason we've designed our solution to be economical and easily scaled so as many employees as you want can use Talentrackr. You only pay for the ads you post - not the total number of employees using Talentrackr.

  • How much does it Cost To Use Talentrackr?

    It is Free to sign up, create your profile or add employees to your account. There is a cost to posting your ad online, starting for as little as $25 for a one-week posting of a single help wanted ad. We offer a variety of options and packages to ensure you're getting maximum value out of your hiring expense.

  • What is Always On Hiring?

    Talentrackr leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to do the very things that large businesses hire very expensive and full-time recruiting teams to handle. Once your ad is posted, our Always on Hiring function begins to search the web to find potential qualified candidates and invite them to view your ad and easily apply for your open position. Our built-in automatic communications ensures that your candidates are notified through every step of the process without you needing to do any additional work.

  • How does Automatic Candidate Ranking work?

    Our help wanted ad design tool guides you through your ad creation for your open position including qualification questions regarding skills and experience that candidates are required to respond to during their online application process. Our Machine Learning technology combined with these questions automatically ranks all of your job candidates so you only need to spend your time looking at those that are the best fit.

  • What is a Personalized Job Portal?

    Talentrackr provides you with the ability to have candidates learn about the job responsibilities, company benefits and your company's culture on their own without your employees being interrupted and replying to calls and emails. Our built-in automatic communications ensures that your candidates are notified through every step of the hiring process without bothering you.

    Big companies spend huge amounts of money to create an image around the culture and "sell" people to work for them, Talentrackr's Personalized Job Portal gives you an easy way to create the same experience and attract even more candidates for FREE. You can even link your Personalized Job Portal to your own website and other social media activities to greatly extend your hiring reach.

  • Talentrackr can actually help me Grow My Business?

    Small business marketing is an expensive and very time consuming task. Talentrackr's unique Candidate Appreciation action gives you easy to use marketing tools to thank your candidates for applying for your job while also growing your business. It comes Free with our system.